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( it's lonely out in space )

When Batman leaves Gotham, Bruce follows in his shadow. The city requires new class of hero — and Blake's the type to deliver it. Good-hearted, good-natured Blake believes in the cause more than Bruce ever will or ever has. He fills in the void of Batman better than Bruce, with his worn out muscles, torn tendons, and ruined shreds of his life. Destruction and death follow Bruce wherever he goes, with loss soon to follow. It's the loss Bruce doesn't deal well with; it is gratitude towards Bane's minor anarchist reign that Bruce has hung up his cowl and passed the torch on to someone with steadier hands than his.

But Bruce Wayne can't quite shake the grip Batman has on him. Batman and Bruce have intertwined, like vines on a tree, that where one begins and one ends is hard to differentiate, and perhaps that is why he leaves Gotham in Blake and Alfred's hands, and takes up travelling the world in the form of someone else's shadow.

He follows her like a moth to a flame — or perhaps a bat to a cat. She unknowingly takes him to Canada. And it's in Canada, on the second day of the Niagara Falls tour that she's taken herself on, that he makes himself known to her. Or maybe she's known he's always been there; he's always had such a large and bulkier shadow to hers, made more of a mess everywhere he went — and he's certain she knew it was him who had caused a minor ruckus at dinner last night, accidentally bumping into a waitress and knocking a few glasses to the floor. His name doesn't carry much weight here, much to his satisfaction.

He's a regular guy, she's a regular girl, and Bruce is not quite sure neither know how to properly wear that particular suit.

Sidling up beside her, his fingers curl around the railings. From the corner of his eye, he watches her. Her face has always been well-masked and blank, stoic and unreadable. He watches to catch a glimpse of her faltering. He doesn't glance at her, keeping his gaze on the water before them, when he says, with a bit of a grin, "Isn't this a little cliché, even for you?"

And he turns, then, to face her, his hand still on the railing.

Alfred had said he refused to bury any more Waynes. Bruce owes it to him to make due on his promise.

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