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( it's lonely out in space )

When Batman leaves Gotham, Bruce follows in his shadow. The city requires new class of hero — and Blake's the type to deliver it. Good-hearted, good-natured Blake believes in the cause more than Bruce ever will or ever has. He fills in the void of Batman better than Bruce, with his worn out muscles, torn tendons, and ruined shreds of his life. Destruction and death follow Bruce wherever he goes, with loss soon to follow. It's the loss Bruce doesn't deal well with; it is gratitude towards Bane's minor anarchist reign that Bruce has hung up his cowl and passed the torch on to someone with steadier hands than his.

But Bruce Wayne can't quite shake the grip Batman has on him. Batman and Bruce have intertwined, like vines on a tree, that where one begins and one ends is hard to differentiate, and perhaps that is why he leaves Gotham in Blake and Alfred's hands, and takes up travelling the world in the form of someone else's shadow.

He follows her like a moth to a flame — or perhaps a bat to a cat. She unknowingly takes him to Canada. And it's in Canada, on the second day of the Niagara Falls tour that she's taken herself on, that he makes himself known to her. Or maybe she's known he's always been there; he's always had such a large and bulkier shadow to hers, made more of a mess everywhere he went — and he's certain she knew it was him who had caused a minor ruckus at dinner last night, accidentally bumping into a waitress and knocking a few glasses to the floor. His name doesn't carry much weight here, much to his satisfaction.

He's a regular guy, she's a regular girl, and Bruce is not quite sure neither know how to properly wear that particular suit.

Sidling up beside her, his fingers curl around the railings. From the corner of his eye, he watches her. Her face has always been well-masked and blank, stoic and unreadable. He watches to catch a glimpse of her faltering. He doesn't glance at her, keeping his gaze on the water before them, when he says, with a bit of a grin, "Isn't this a little cliché, even for you?"

And he turns, then, to face her, his hand still on the railing.

Alfred had said he refused to bury any more Waynes. Bruce owes it to him to make due on his promise.
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The odds of Selina admitting that leaving Gotham and embarking on a trip that's meant to be around the world has been quite an adjustment are not very high.

She prides herself on being able to land on her feet in any situation and in any place, so this new adventure should not be leaving her feeling as odd and displaced as she does.

Or maybe it is the lack of the mask and the leather catsuit that's contributing to the odd feelings. The fact that she's had a shadow tailing her for awhile now also might be a contributing factor. It's almost brought a smile to her face, what with the way that he's been clumsily moving about, drawing more than a few stares as he does so.

And it's more than a little complicated, trying to make some sense of how she feels about having him tail her. Because she's figured out his identity (it's not a secret, not really), and she's finding that it's equal parts endearing and confounding. And those two words right there are very apt descriptors for this new life that she's found for herself.

And finally, when it all comes to a head, and he's just a few feet away from her, she finds herself once again confounded but still working to keep that unreadable expression on her face. And for the most part, it's working. She's had a lot of practice, after all.

She only turns slightly while keeping her eyes averted, and she replies, "What can I say? Clichéd moments happen, even to the best of us." Not that she's thinking she's the best, but her point is that they happen.
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And until she knows without a doubt what he wants from her, the mask and the unreadable expression aren't going to disappear any time soon. She rests her arms on the railing and leans into said railing, looking as though she merely wants a better look at the view. And said view is stunning, of course, so it's not that unbelievable, even if it's just a mechanism meant to distract.

"Why shouldn't it be happening to me?" If she were meeting his gaze, he'd find himself at the receiving end of yet another pointed look. "Was there a memo that I missed that said I couldn't enjoy a nice view before going off to somewhere that's not so predictable?"

She thinks it's a valid question, even if, at this current moment, she has no further plans. Well, no further plans except trying to rebuff one Bruce Wayne while also working on figuring out what his game is.
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Yes, it's totally Bruce, of course. There are no other options to be had here.

Luckily for Bruce, Selina never runs out of her pointed looks, so he won't have to worry about going without them. With an eyeroll and a slight frown, Selina dips her head almost reluctantly, like she's agreeing with him while trying not to agree. "What else am I supposed to do?" Donning the catsuit and going out at night on vigilante-like missions might be something she's planning on trying again soon, but there's an equal chance that she'll leave her catsuit (and her whip) folded up in her suitcase.

The whole point of everything she did in Gotham, for the most part, was so that she could strike out on her own and start over. Leaving was like closing the door on certain parts of her past, and digging them up again seems almost counterproductive.

"While we're on the subject of doing things, what are you doing?" Because if this doesn't suit her, it doesn't suit him either. There might be nothing left for him in Gotham, but it's strange to see him in a different setting like this one.
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It's taken her longer than she thought it would, which surprises her, because it's become something of a habit to try and deflect people who keep questioning her. And Bruce being the person that he is, he's often given over to questioning people. And while she does mean people in general, he also seems to do it with her.

And it's hard to pinpoint the reasoning behind the questioning; but in light of recent things, Selina's found herself wondering if maybe the questioning wasn't purely for the sake of interrogation, but to actually peel back the layers and the walls and get past those.

That thought doesn't thrill her, not really, because she's spent so long building those walls, and the thought of someone tearing them down just doesn't sit well with her. Not even when it's someone as interesting and simultaneously infuriating as Bruce Wayne.

"Yes, you. There's got to be a reason why you came here, and if you can say this is too predictable for me, then I think I can say the same for you." Maybe predictable wasn't the right word, but to her, this doesn't suit either of them.

But his answer gets a small smile out of her, and she nods. "Enjoy the view, indulge in some quality food, have a little fun..." She shrugs, because he's kind of asking the wrong person. It's not her usual scene, mostly because cruises require money, and travel by air was expensive enough. Her answer, though, is basically her personal opinion of what she might do on such a trip.

"It's almost nice to see you out and doing something else, though," she tacks on as an afterthought. Everyone knows (or maybe it's just her that thinks it) that Bruce has put in a lot of time and work over the years.
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"Yeah? And you probably have some good stories to go along with those exploits," she replies, eyebrows raised. Bruce Wayne on a boat seems like something that's hard to imagine. She can picture the Batman in his gadgets, but a boat is something mundane compared to those.

And oddly enough, she catches herself wondering if he gets seasick and thus has to take those little pills. He doesn't look green, though, or like he's going to hurl, so that's probably a good sign.

"I'm guessing it's been awhile since you've had a vacation." She finally looks away from the view long enough to glance at him. It's brief, but it's a glance nonetheless. "There's different kinds of memorable. Is this the good kind or the bad kind?"

She can't quite resist the urge to roll her eyes; of course he does many things. She knows that, even though she can only guess at what half of those are. He's not a one trick pony, that's for sure.

Oh, and she's definitely going to make him name those, just because she can. "Things, huh? Going to elaborate on that?"
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Oh, it's quite obvious to her what this is, but not asking questions just means that there's nothing to talk about and no reason for Bruce to stay around. Not that she really wants him to stay around. She's been managing to have a pretty good time without him there, and the only reason she started talking is because he did so first.

Shrugging and putting her hands in the air, a gesture that's clearly meant to be flippant, she finally glances at him and asks, "What else do you want me to say? If you don't want to give a list, fine. I'm just trying to make conversation."

And failing at it, apparently.
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"I suppose I can handle dinner. I was just going to find some unsuspecting gentleman and talk him into paying, but this sounds like a better plan." And who knows? Bruce might end up paying anyway, so it's not a total shift. "Hold on, you're actually volunteering to go dancing? You?"

That gets him a look complete with a raised eyebrow. Bruce Wayne has never struck her as the type to go clubbing or the type to even get close to the dancing scene, since hitting up nightclubs probably isn't his style (or hers).

"I'm guessing that we could use a walk, especially after having dinner." Consider that an acceptance, Mr. Wayne.
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"I know you can. We've danced before, or have you forgotten that?" Sure, it seems to her that the dancing they did back then was more like walking around the dance floor, but hey, she's not going to knock him completely down.

But that comment about the robot brings her up short, because where did that even come from? "So convincing. Of course." There's no point in letting it show that she has no idea what he's even talking about anymore.
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It's a good thing they have a lot of free time available to them, then, because what better time for her to familiarize herself with those skills than right here and right now?

Her smile returns to her face, and she looks at him with more than a little coquettishness in her expression. "If we can find the right place, I'll make sure you and I get to have a dance that's long enough for your tastes."

If nothing else, that dance will be an unforgettable one, hopefully for the both of them.
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"Do I? Well, I guess that was what I was going for," she responds, smirking only slightly at him. She might not come out and say it directly, but if there's anyone deserving of a little flattery, Bruce Wayne is a worthy candidate.

"You can't handle dancing on a boat? I'll agree about the Gotham part, though." She raises a questioning eyebrow, as if she's wondering about that last statement. "Are you looking into becoming a globetrotter?"
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"Don't you want to see a little of the world? Call it cliche, but there is a lot more to see out there than just the high rises in Gotham." Which she's pretty sure he knows, but now that it's actually an option for her, doing a little traveling, even with the whole living out of a suitcase thing, seems pretty appealing to her.

"Just out of curiosity, what's your criteria for determining the right company?" Everyone's got some kind of standard that they hold things to, whether they realize it or not.
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That's her unofficial job: not letting anyone off too easily. "Laugh, huh?" That comes as a surprise to her, too. It's not that it deflates her a bit, because that would mean she feels disappointed, but she knows well enough that she doesn't just go around laughing fit to burst at things.

And oddly, he's never struck her as that kind of person. So his response confuses her just a little. "So, you're looking for someone who will laugh when you make a joke? Is that it?"
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Now he gets an odd look. "Did I say that?" Because if that's what he's getting from her question, then he needs to work on his ability to read between the lines. "Besides, I don't really think you're the type of person to make jokes. Unless that's what you do when no one's looking."

Because no, he's never told her a joke. Mostly, that's because the circumstances didn't allow for it, but still, the point stands. "Here's a thought: why don't you tell me one right now?"
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"You don't have one up your sleeve just waiting to be told?" She pretends to huff, and puts on a mock pouting face. "Fine, but you owe me one." And by saying so, she's more or less implied that this isn't the last he's seen of her.

And then, as if she's suddenly realizing that this conversation is going places she didn't expect or anticipate, she looks away from him, and back out at the view spread out in front of them.
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Well, what is it that people say? 'You're never too old to learn'? If he were to ask Selina, she'd say the same thing. Now that his days of running around in a mask and cape are basically wrapped up, he's got time to learn about the things he never got to do when he was the Batman.

"I'll look forward to it. But no, I'm not waiting for anyone." She glances back at him, having quickly gotten her fill of the view. "No one's meeting me here." In fact, he's gotten himself the distinction of being the first person she's actually talked to at length since she started this little venture.

There's been a few brief snips of conversations, but nothing too detailed. So, congratulations, Bruce, you've gotten yourself something of a leg up over other people.
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"Yeah, you could call it that," she says, finally, after a moment's pause. And she's not really sure why she's pausing either. She's used to being alone, and for the most part, she prefers it. Being around Bruce hasn't been bad, which has to mean something, right?

She glances at his hand as well, before looking back at him. "And you're offering your services, are you?"

It should be pointed out that the fact that she's not bolting and running is probably a good sign that she's at least willing to consider being around him.
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"Sure, if you're around. Let's catch up." There's no point in letting on that she thinks there's a chance that that might be a big if. But it's not that she thinks Bruce won't keep his word; all he said was "if", and sometimes, it's better to focus in on the less desirable scenario.

That way, there's less chances to wind up disappointed. And people disappoint people. It happens. She's done it, and probably so has he. It happens, and it will again, as long as people are around.

"Drop me a line sometime, and we'll make something happen." She nods at him, and turns as if to leave. This probably won't be their last meeting, if he's determined enough, and anyway, drawn-out goodbyes aren't her thing.