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2. TOSS A PROMPT — i work best with picture prompts, texts, or pre-written starters. i'm pro action spam and prose, as well as long tags. i am game for shipping and gen, canon divergence, retcon, and au. sfw and nsfw are both welcome here. please see my (out of date) kinks list for a general idea of what i'm comfortable and interested in doing, but please also know if you chat with me i'm down for anything!

3. TELL A STORY — i may be a slow tagger due to circumstances, but i really do enjoy threading out plot points for as long as it takes to tell the story. threads here don't have a time limit, and i don't require you to tag back within a breath of receiving mine.

4. HAVE FUN — thanks for helping me move my new couch up like five flights of stairs! ♥

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flash au.

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[ there's no voice transformer, no technology used to mask herself - just a layer of ice around her eyes and her hair down from its usual braid. it's not what she's meant to do, she's supposed to leave him alone after ensuring that he was home safe.

she can hear emma's voice of warning in her head, stern and firm with her brow wrinkled just so.

but she ignores it for the first time, sinking into a kiss with him outside his place, curling her hands into his hair, letting him pull her up against him. they have never been this close, not when she's elsa, not when she's been in this suit. there's no way for him to know it's her, right?
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[ bellamy knows a lot about shit, hence why he's a journalist. it makes sense, given he has a knack for uncovering the truth, digging deeper than anyone's ever willing to go. it puts him in situations where he's required to think on his feet instead of pre-planning, and it often goes haywire for him. except there's always a meta that seems to slow everyone down and causes those who seem to chase him to slip and slide while his feet, for once in his life, remain steady on sturdy ground. ]

[ with his hands cradling her face, one falls to her back to press her more firmly against him. thumb brushing against the corner of her eye, he can feel the ice that's sometimes latched onto his heels linger within his lifelines. it's a small chill, but it's a chill all the same, and it's enough to have him pulling away just slightly. ]

[ breathing hard, he smiles, ]
Thanks for not icing my ass back there.
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[ with her hood down, she feels more exposed than she wants to be, but at the same time, she doesn't fight her inner urges to reveal herself to him. her heart is full, knowing that he at least wants this side of her, that he likes the heroics and the role she plays in town, even if he cares differently for the young woman behind the mask.

too long has she thought about this, kissing him boldly, exactly the way she wants to with her whole mouth, licking into his, feeling his warmth beneath her fingertips. elsa doesn't think she's loved him more than she does right now, having seen his cunning and intelligence up close.

after all, he helped saved her too.
] Had to. Thanks for saving mine. [ keeping her conversation casual and less properly elsa is difficult, as is lowering her voice to a whisper as she presses him against his door. ]
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[ bellamy doesn't regard himself as a hero. he won't, not now, not tomorrow. even though he thinks everyone ought to try and be their own hero, he's not the type to wear the label. he helps people by taking on stories and trying to uncover truths no one else is game enough to tackle. it's the only type of heroism he'll dabble into, and refuse to call it just that. ]

[ with his back pressed against his door, he lets the hand cradling her face drop so he can press it against the wood. he doesn't blindly search for the knob, even though he thinks he should. wrap up the evening, go back inside, let her go and save someone else's stupid ass in the night. ]

[ but he has a hand firmly pressed against the small of her back, and it doesn't seem to want to fall away. ]

[ he smirks, cocking his head to gesture toward the door he leans against. ]
You going to walk me inside, too?

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[ she would disagree. for a lifetime, she's looked to him for inspiration in tenacity and confidence. now that he has a platform for his very clear voice, she's happy to contribute.

it's never meant to go past a kiss and she knows that. she's normally so conscious of boundaries, but with adrenaline still pumping through her body, she wants to really, truly be someone else tonight.

or at least another version of herself.

I shouldn't.

[ but she wants to. god knows she wants to. this puts so much at risk, especially with someone who knows her as well as he does. but he doesn't know her this way.

her lips linger on his as she mumbles,
] I should still make sure you're home and safe.
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in any flavor you want!

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[ there isn't any snow on the ground in national city, and central city's only just gotten the first nips of frost in the air, but it's exactly one week prior to thanksgiving and kara is determined to get up the tree. she's got two full days blocked out on her calendar to handle it - even going so far as to take a rare please only page me in emergencies day from j'onn, and she's left her voicemail on auto-greeting at catco tower.

if this tree is going up, it's going up now.

or, rather, it would be, if barry's hands weren't causing so much distraction. between touching her and touching the ornaments, each carefully orchestrated to be best illuminated by the hand-me-down lights wrapped around the fake pine needles, he's got a knack for diverting her off the perfectly plotted schedule of the day.

the warning sounds of glass as it falls in the air - of course to be caught, but what if it hadn't been? - evoke a sigh, and kara's hands find purchase on her hips as she spins around. ]

Maybe I should put you on cookie duty instead. Might be less dangerous for the tree.
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