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( just the thought of being close to you it's incomparable )

This time, Bruce didn't follow Selina. Fate brought them to be in the same country and in the same city. Tuscany was beautiful this time of year, and Bruce, one to travel, had wanted to re-visit an old memory.

Staying (but barely) in the Grand Hotel Minerva, he'd gone on his sight-seeing, visiting old hideouts that he had once enjoyed as a billionaire playboy, picking up odd pieces that would serve as souvenirs that he'd ship back to Alfred in Gotham. He didn't speak much to Alfred, much preferring to keep himself completely off the grid and off many radars. He didn't want to reveal that he hadn't gotten his shit together just yet, either.

He'd collected a few for Selina with no intention of sending them to her. He had a feeling that the moment they arrived on her doorstep, she'd be onto her next destination. Tracking her since Canada had been difficult, and something he had constantly been at war with himself. Selina could handle herself, no doubt, but he worried about her; they worked best as a team, rather than two individual parts. He wanted to look out for her the best way he knew how — but that cowl stayed on that coat-hanger, back in his cave.

It was his second week in Tuscany that Bruce decided to let Selina know he was in town. He hadn't been following her, but sometimes, just as fate had brought them together, it had placed them in the exact same spots; he, a good distance away, she with her back to him, but he would always recognise the delicate slope of her neck and the way she held herself, as if she owned the world.

Fancy some company? Grand Hotel Minerva, 7pm.

He doubted that she hadn't turned a blind eye to him, either. They'd always been able to sense one another. But that sensing seemed to be a little off tonight. Sitting at a table, donned in one of his Bruce Wayne tuxes, he sat, with his back to the entrance, and a menu displayed out in front of him, waiting and wondering if perhaps he had her pegged right. He'd thought, back on that boat, that Selina had taken his invitation for companionship — an odd sort of friendship — in great stride, but she was always a difficult woman to read.
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When she'd said to drop her a line, she hadn't really put a time frame on it. As far as she was concerned, it could be a month, six months, a year, or five years. And if it suited her, and she wasn't otherwise tied up, she figured she might actually see about making time for him. And for herself too, since meetings like this usually had some benefit for both parties.

But at this precise moment, she wasn't thinking about the former vigilante. The countryside in Tuscany was what some people would call stunning, and while Selina wasn't given over to gushing, she wasn't exactly unimpressed. The backdrops were nice to look at, the food and wine were plentiful and of good quality, so there really wasn't a lot to complain about.

How she'd wound up here, after sightseeing through Canada wasn't a really interesting tale. She just had a touch of wanderlust, and there had been a few stops in between. But Italy seemed like an attractive place, with plenty of things to catch the eye and even more things to do to while away the hours.

And while she hadn't really honed in on anything, a few cursory glances behind her confirmed for her that, if nothing else, she had a shadow. As to the identity of that shadow, she only had guesses, at least, until she received a message with a request, a location, and a time.

So, at the designated time, and not one minute before or after, Selina arrived, wearing a knee length dress glancing around the place until her eyes settled on a familiar visage. Of course it would be him.

She hadn't expected anyone else, of course, and anyway, this was becoming something of a norm for them. As much as it could be, with just one other previous time to go by. "Good evening, Mr. Wayne."
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She might not ever put her thoughts into words, but there had been a moment when she considered the possibility of conveniently forgetting that her phone existed. But, truth be told, Bruce wasn't bad company, and if she had to spend time over dinner with someone, he wasn't a bad choice.

That toothy smile of his made him look like one of those wide-eyed schoolboys that get so easily distracted, even though he's clearly not a boy anymore. "Fancy meeting you here, Mr. Wayne," she says, allowing her voice to come out almost like a purr, as she sits down. She's not Catwoman for nothing, after all.
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Sometimes, it was hard to remember that Bruce's life hadn't been all fancy dinners, limousine rides, and social engagements. There was his role as the Batman to consider, and the things he did probably couldn't be compared to a walk in the park. It was a strange thing to consider, because Selina was familiar with the image Bruce had presented: the rich man who was often in the public eye. Reconciling that image with his former identity as the Batman was still strange to her, even now.

"Well, that's not entirely wrong. I am out of town." For all intents and purposes, they both are. They're no longer in Gotham. But she knew that wasn't what he meant. "I was surprised to get your message," she says. She wasn't really surprised; Bruce Wayne didn't seem like the type of man to just give up so easily.

And even though it might seem to some that she was playing into his hands by showing up for dinner, she still had some tricks up her sleeve, as she always did, in case the situation became a little too sticky.
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"Come on, you're not the most predictable. For all I knew, you could have flown halfway across the world after we left last time." And obviously he did, since they're there right now. Truthfully, however, she had expected that she might hear from him again, but the timing of that had been up in the air until it actually happened.

She folded her hands in front of her, almost demurely, and pressed her index fingers together so that they made a steeple. Looking directly at him, she allowed a smile that vaguely resembled a sphinx-like smile to come to her face. "Only the best, of course."